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      I'm Dr. Kevin

                               KEVIN LETZ, DNP, MBA, RN, CNE-Ret, FNP-C, ANP-BC, PPCNP-BC, FAANP

I am a board certified family, adult, pediatric & emergency nurse practitioner specializing in allergy/immunology & well-being.

I am an entrepreneur, author, angel investor, educator, & board advisor/director. My passion is solving problems through innovation and creating a new business or product around it. 

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A few companies I am involved in

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Advanced Practice Clinicians, Inc.

And non-profit work

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My clinical work

My clinical practice is in the areas of allergy, asthma, & immunology, urgent care, family practice, and preventive medicine delivered in multiple states via telemedicine and digital platforms. 

I love to support practices in expanding service offerings such as allergy services and pulmonary function testing. A shortage of allergists supports the need for primary care and other specialties to add allergy care. 

Speaking & Consulting

I speak on a variety of topics including:

       Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology

       Happiness & Well-Being Practices

       Leadership & Entrepreneurship

I consult in the following areas:

        Business Start-Up

        Advance Practice Leadership

        Implementing Allergy Services

        Convenience Clinic & Academic Health Centers


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Angel Investor

Notable Investments:


       Toybox Labs



       Death & Company

       Shift Posts

       Hero Clip

       Now Rx

       Ten Thousand

       Winc Wines

       Hospitals & Convenience Clinics

       Multiple Real Estate


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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